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MetroLED Configurable Lighting

The MetroLED Lighting System. Click, Twist, Play.

LED lighting systems have traditionally been the poor relation to fiber optics when it comes to illuminating objects and artefacts.

Poor maintainability combined with light output over which you never felt you had full control have led to the generally superior fiber optic systems taking an overwhelming lead in the display lighting sector.

Until now. Now everything changes. UFO Lighting is proud to introduce you to MetroLED.

  • Simple. Even a child can build it.
  • Powerful. High powered LED's with both spotlight and linear options.
  • Controllable. Dual channel dimming system.
  • Modular. It can be assembled in countless configurations.
  • Maintainable. If one LED reaches the end of life, replace only that module.
Product Datasheet

metroled twistlock spot light fitting

Twistlock Spot Fitting | Part No. MTL-SL-4K or MTL-SL-3K

An articulated spotlight fitting which features an easy to use locking system, allowing it to be inserted and removed from any position in a MetroLED track.
metroled ambient cover extrusion

Linear Strip | Part No. MTL-LS+45/95/245/450 + 3K/4K

Available in 4 lengths and 2 color temperatures, these linear LED strips are inserted into MetroLED extrusion to provide a ganeral wash of light.

metroled rotating corner with overhang

Rotating Corner A | Part No. MTL-RCA/L or MTL-RCA/R

Rotating corner type A, features 350 degree rotation and has a stylised overhang. Can be used for creating straight gantry systems.
metroled rotating corner without overhang

Rotating Corner B | Part No. MTL-RCB/L or MTL-RCB/R

Rotating corner type B, fetaures 350 degree rotation and has a bevlled effect corner. Can be used for creating straight gantry systems.

metroled trumpet classic trumpets

Classic Trumpet & Lens | Part No. MTL-LNS-CL + W/N/C/F

Classic trumpet design, available in either narrow or wide focus versions and with clear or frosted lenses.
metroled modern trumpets

Modern Trumpet & Lens | Part No. MTL-LNS-MO + W/N/C/D

Modern trumpet design, available in either narrow or wide focus versions and with clear or diffused lenses.

metroled gooseneck fitting

Gooseneck Fitting | Part No. MTK-GS3K or MTL-GS4K

An articulated fitting which can be installed on top of a vertical MetroLED stalk. Features 2 articulation points and 350 degree rotation for easy adjustment.
metroled 45 degree elbow

MetroLED Elbow | Part No. MTL-EB

Can be mounted on the end of a vertical MetroLED stalk to direct light at an angle. Features 2 articulated spotlights, with trumpets from the range shown below.

metroled 3 way corner

Three Way Corner | Part No. MTL-TWC

Allows for the creation of right angled, rectangular and square MetroLED gantry systems.
metroled mounting feet

Mounting Feet | Part No. MTL-MF + RT / RS / CS

Three different types of mounting feet - threaded back with round flange, screw down with round flange and screw down with corner flange.

metroled rectangular extrusion power in

Rectangular Power In | Part No. MTL-RPIC

Plug in power connector for the rectangular MetroLED extrusion. Can be supplied with custom cable lengths to suit your application.
metroled round extrusion power in

Round Power In | Part No. MTL-PIC

Plug in power connector for the round MetroLED extrusion. Can be supplied with custom cable lengths to suit your application.

metroled rectangular body extrusion

Rectangular Extrusion | Part No. MTL-RE

Rectanuglar MetroLED extrusion. Generally used with linear strips, but are also compatible with twistlock spotlights.
metroled round body and infill extrusion

20mm Round Extrusion & Infill | Part No. MTL-EI

Round MetroLED extrusion and infill. Compatible with both linear strips and twistlock spotlight fittings.

metroled c clips

Wall Clips | Part No. MTL-CLP or MTL-RCLP

Round or rectangular wall mounting clips - used to secure MetroLED extrusion to a wall or other surface.
metroled end cap for round extrusion

End Cap | Part No. MTL-EC

Used to provide a decorative finish to a MetroLED lighting stalk. Not required when mounting feet are used as they cover the end of the extrusion.

metroled power supply unit

Power Supply Unit | Part No. MTL-PSU + UK/US/EU

Power supply unit to provide DC power toa MetroLED system. Available with UK, EU or USA plug types.
metroled driver and dimmer

Driver & Dimmer | Part No. MTL-D4 OR MTL-D7

A 2 channel dimmer, combined with either a 4 amp or 7 amp driver unit. The 7 amp driver is used when a system is specified with a lerger number of fittings.

metroled spare infill extrusion

Spare Infill | Part No. MTL-INF

Spare infill which can be supplied cut to length, is used to fill in gaps in extrusion between spotlight or linear LED modules.
metroled dimmer plate

Dimmer Cover Plate | Part No. MTL-DP

Used in conjunction with our dimmer control box, this allows a decorative finish when the box is mounted in a standard 1 gang pattress box.

LED Specifications

Spotlight 3000K 0.5W 100mA Available in spot and flood fitting
Spotlight 4000K 0.5W 100mA Available in spot and flood fitting
Linear Light 45mm 3000K 0.4W 80mA  
Linear Light 45mm 4000K 0.4W 80mA  
Linear Light 95mm 3000K 0.8W 80mA  
Linear Light 95mm 4000K 0.8W 80mA  
Linear Light 245mm 3000K 2.3W 80mA  
Linear Light 245mm 4000K 2.3W 80mA  
MetroLED Driver Version 2 N/A Variable Overload indication & shut down

General Technical Specifications

Mains supply voltage 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
PSU output 5V DC
Min. ambient temperature -10°C
Max. ambient temperature 45°C
Power connection 2.1 x 5.5 x 12mm
LED type/model White light
LED linear CRI >92 (typical)
LED linear color temperature 3000K or 4000K
LED linear optical efficiency 300K: 65lm/w | 4000K: 67lm/w
LED linear current 10mA
LED spot CRI >96 (typical)
LED spot color temperature 3000K or 4000K
LED spot optical efficiency 300K: 44lm/w | 4000K: 38lm/w
LED spot current 100mA
LED life 50,000 hours in ambient 25°C

MetroLED Configuration Examples

Straight Gantry System

These systems can feature a mixture of LED spotlights and linear modules in any combination. The LED's can be on both the horizontal bar and on the vertical legs of desired.

The use of rotating corners allows the system to be rotated in 350° so light can be pointed almost anywhere.

Corner Gantry System

As with the straight gantry system, these allow you to mix and match spotlights and linear modules as desired. Again, all bars are rotatable allowing easy positioning of light.

More than one corner piece can be used per system, allowing u-shaped, square and rectangular systems to be constructed.

Straight Wand Systems

We offer a variety of parts which can be used in a straight wand system.

1. The 45° elbow is mounted at the top of a straight bar. This is fitted with 2 spotlights which can be independently positioned. The whole elbow is also rotatable.

2. The middle system above shows our plug and play foot. This can be fitted to any straight wand or to a gantry system and allows for quick removal of a light fixture.

3. Our traditional gooseneck spotlight. Pivots in 2 positions so the angle of lighting is very adjustable.

Rectangular Linear Systems

Rectangular extrusion fitted with linear LED modules and secured with c-clips makes an unobtrusive undershelf lighting system for washing objects.