Bulk Supply of PMMA Fiber on Reels

High quality UK manufactured sheathed PMMA fiber for lighting supplied in bulk quantities.

UFO manufactures and supplies reels of high quality multi-stranded Megolon sheathed Mitsubishi/Eska fiber on reels. This product typically consists of 0.75mm polymer fibers in multiples to create a fiber of larger active diameter.

We can also supply reels of Mitsubishi/ESKA single strand fiber which we sheath in the same material.

Our PMMA fiber products are manufactured from Mitsubishi / ESKA raw fiber. We are an offically authorised supplier of Mitsubishi fiber products.
These can be used for many lighting applications and we supply many manufacturers of fiber optic lighting with standard and custom fiber configurations.
Pricing is dependant on shipping quantity - please contact us for details. Minimum order quantity for this product is one reel.

Fiber Specifications

Core material Polymethyl Methacrylate
Cladding material Fluorinated Polymer
Refractive index 1.49
Numerical aperture 0.5
Refractive index profile Step index
Operation temperature range -55°C to +70°C in low humidity; <60°C at 95% RH (attenuation change is within 10% after 1000 hours except for that due to absorbed water). Please note that fiber can become brittle at lower temperatures.
Sheathing specifications Megolon S540 is a thermoplastic, halogen free cable sheathing compound which exhibits an excellent level of fire retardancy. This product is specifically aimed at designs of cables requiring a good degree of flexibility and the ability to meet the more stringent fire test specifications.
S540 Toxicity Index (DEF STAN 02-713) 0.4
S540 Halogen Acid Gas Evolution (IEC 60754-1) Zero
S540 Flammability Temperature Index (ISO 4589-3) 330°C

Other Information

Stranded fiber cables using 1mm and 1.5mm fiber can be made to order as can mixed diameter bundles.

We can supply blank common ends and sized ferrules for installers to cut and fit the fiber on site.

Though making harnesses on site does not produce as good or even light output as properly factory terminated harnesses, sometimes it can be necessary to terminate the fiber on site and UFO can supply suitably experienced fitters with the raw materials to do this.

These fibers can also be stripped back at one end to make starry effects through ceilings.