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Museum & Gallery Display Lighting Projects

The Cambridge University Press Museum

Cambridge University is one of the world's top academic institutions, with a history going back hundreds of years. Its many famous alumni includes academics, politicians, theologians and writers who have played a leading role in the cultural life of Britain.

The university's academic press, Cambridge University Press, has a long history of influential publishing, including the work of over 60 Nobel laureates. Cambridge University Press Museum houses some amazing exhibits from the world of books and publishing, including a King James Bible printed in 1638, a letter from Albert Einstein, and copies of the works of Sir Isaac Newton.

With so many paper-based artifacts on display, high quality illumination is vital. But when it came to creating display cases for some of the exhibits, the showcase manufacturers, Click Netherfield, faced a challenge. The location of the display cases in the room meant it was impossible to reach them with mains power cables. Time to call UFO!

In discussion with the Click Netherfield team, we created a custom lighting solution to solve the problem. Two of our MetroLED gantries were adapted so that they could run on battery power instead of mains power. With these battery packs fully charged, the LED lights on the gantry can run for at least 200 hours. When it's time to recharge them, museum staff simply run an extension cable to the battery pack in the base of the display cabinet. This means the system can be charged during the night, when there are no visitors.

The UFO design team also came up with another customization to allow more flexible illumination of artifact details. The LED spotlights were fitted to the gantry with stalks which can easily be bent into shape.

Images courtesy of Click Netherfield Ltd


Cambridge, England


Public Realm, Display Lighting


Click Netherfield

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2 x bespoke MetroLED gantries with battery packs and chargers

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