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Pool & Wet Area Lighting Projects

Cheshire Wellness

Cheshire Wellness is an award-winning family-run business with an impeccable track record in the design and build of cutting-edge spas, swimming pools and heat treatment rooms for commercial and private clients around the world.

Like us, the company's experienced team enjoying tackling challenges, and have worked across a huge range of projects, including residential swimming pools, hydro spas, Hamman tables, saunas and snow rooms.

Cheshire Wellness were commissioned to create a luxury sauna and spa suite within this private residence. The design vision included mood-enhancing lighting, and the company specified UFO fiber optic products, which are perfect for wet and humid areas such as spas and saunas, as they don't emit scalding heat. In addition, the elements containing electricity can be kept a safe distance, which makes them ideal for sauna use.

UFO star effect lighting was chosen for the spa ceiling area, with our mixed diameter fiber (manufactured in-house) creating a 3D effect. The fiber strands are installed in the ceiling, then each individual tail is fitted with a star point - a small conical end fitting which softens the light, and is ideal for spa and relaxation spaces. The twinkling effect is created by the metal halide illuminator used to power the fiber optics.

Meanwhile, the wooden benches in the sauna are fitted with a stainless steel channel on the underside, housing 106 tails of fiber. This casts beautiful scallop-shaped shafts of color-changing light onto the floor, enhancing the natural timbers in the sauna. Here, too, a metal halide illuminator has also been used to power the lighting. This is housed over six feet away, in an easily accessed location to allow straightforward maintenance.


Neston, England


Decorative, Wet Area Lighting


Cheshire Spa & Pools

 Products used

Illuminators: Star Ceiling - 1 x Compact DMX 150W metal halide. Steam Room - 1 x Compact DMX 150W metal halide.
Harnesses: Star Ceiling - 306 tails of sheathed PMMA mixed diameter fiber. Steam Room - 106 tails of 2mm sheathed end lit glass fiber
End Fittings: Star Ceiling - 306 UFO star points. Steam Room - 1 x resined stainless steel channel

 Date completed

November 2012