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Fiber Optic Chandelier Lighting Projects

The Curry Lounge Chandeliers

The Curry Lounge is one of Nottingham's top restaurants, and specializes in traditional Indian and Punjabi cuisine. This much-loved family-run eatery has 120 covers, and serves the best locally sourced ingredients for evening meals, celebrations and corporate events. When new owners took over, they carried out a complete refit.

A festive, welcoming ambience is vital to this popular restaurant's success, so the new owners decided to spice things up with a spectacular custom lighting feature for the center of the serving space. This also had to be versatile enough to create different lighting moods and atmospheres to suit different kinds of event.

Lighting designer David Wrigglesworth from Unknown Designs commissioned UFO to supply and install the new fiber optic lighting system. The owners' vision for the space included water features and programmable lighting to allow color changes and different effects.

The centerpiece within the busy restaurant space is a large curtain chandelier, made up of 1,800 tails of 3-core polymer side sparkle fiber, fitted into 4 harnesses. The harnesses have been installed in the suspended ceiling in a sweeping wave that creates sparkling light effects and color changes, for an atmosphere of fabulous glamour and elegance.

The booth seating area has also been given the stylish fiber-optic treatment with our P19 paver fittings, which have been used to light the silk drapes around the perimeter. These have internal domed lenses to allow the light to be focused. The power supply comes from 6mm (0.24") glass fiber strands in 3 harnesses, creating a sparkling wash of light which can also be programmed in different colors.


Nottingham, England


Fiber Optic Chandelier


Unknown Design

 Products used

Illuminators: 150W metal halide with color wheel
Harnesses: Chandelier - 1800 strands of 3 core PMMA side sparkle. Drapes - 3 x harnesses of 6mm glass fiber
End Fittings: UFO P19 paver illumainate the drapes

 Date completed