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Fiber Optic Chandelier Lighting Projects

The Duchess of Kirkcaldy Chandeliers

The Duchess of Kirkcaldy is a fun, fizzy pub which has a fantastic reputation for live music gigs. The atmosphere and decor are glamorous and vintage, and it's a great place for a party.

The owners were looking for a quirky, inspiring feature to brighten up the bar area of this family-run venue, and called in UFO, along with our sister company, Unlimited Light. We worked in partnership to supply and install three fiber-optic chandeliers, specially designed to create a funky focal point to suit the pub's eclectic, arty vibe.

To create the custom chandeliers, we built a unique structure which combines wine glasses and fiber tails, for an eye-catching display with a sense of movement. The chandeliers incorporate 150 strands of end-lit fiber, which are fed through the base and hang below the glassware. The base of each chandelier also has fiber-optic downlights to illuminate the installation below and give it extra sparkle.

Meanwhile, the pub's relaxed lounge area has been given a UFO fiber optic makeover with a ceiling feature using over 400 strands of our end-lit polymer fiber, to create a stunning star effect. These fiber strands are connected to a UFO MicroLED illuminator, which is stored in an easy-to-access location. The fiber optic lights provide a lively contrast which softens the classic décor of the rest of the room.


Kirkcaldy, Scotland


Decorative lighting


Unlimited Light

 Products used

Illuminators: Star Ceiling - 1 x MicroLED 5000T with DMX and remote control color change. Chandeliers - 3 x MicroLED 4000 with remote control color change
Harnesses: Star Ceiling - 420 tails of 0.75mm and 1mm diameter PMMA fiber
Chandeliers: 3 x 700mm Corona chandeliers with PMMA fiber and custom wine glasses

 Date completed

July 2013