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Museum & Gallery Display Lighting Projects

EMP Museum

EMP is a cutting-edge museum in Seattle dedicated to contemporary popular culture. The building was designed by Frank Gehry and inspired by the shape of electric guitars, in keeping with the museum's guiding spirit of rock 'n' roll.

One of the highlights is the Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction gallery, with over 150 artifacts from iconic movies and TV shows, ranging from Doctor Who to Star Wars.

With such a diversity of exhibits to display, EMP needed a highly flexible cabinet lighting system. They contacted UFO to supply a fiber optic system to suit the many display cases in the IWSF exhibition. Not only did it need to be versatile enough let museum staff easily adjust the height and angle of the lights - it also had to be supplied at extremely short notice.

UFO's Rod & Clamp system provided the necessary flexibility and configurability, and this was fitted in the corners of each display case. The rods were custom made to fit the exact height of the cabinets, and mounted on top of the cabinet floors using UFO mounting feet.

Clamps were fitted with UFO clear focusing lenses and attached to each rod. Tails of our end-lit glass fiber were then fed through the bottom of the display cases and up to the rods, and each tail connected to a UFO lens. This allowed EMP staff to adjust the height and angle of the lenses to ensure the exhibits were well illuminated.

The fiber optics were powered by 14 of our Mercury Slimline LED illuminators, which were stored out of sight in accessible locations. The Mercury Slimline was chosen for its high CRI output and color temperature options.

UFO delivered the project within EMP's tight time frame by manufacturing all the components - many customized for this project - within six days.

Images courtesy of Brady Harvey | EMP Museum


Seattle, Washington, USA


Public Realm, Display Lighting


EMP Museum

 Products used

Illuminators: 14 x Mercury Slimline LED
Harnesses: 9 x end lit glass fiber harnesses with active diameter of 4.5mm
End Fittings: 60 x UFO rod and clamp systems at various lengths. Secured at both ends and fitted with UFO 25D lenses

 Date completed

March 2015