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End Lit PMMA Fiber Optic Harnesses

The only UK manufacturer of raw fiber for fiber optic harnesses

Our range of standard PMMA end lit harnesses are available in either single or multi-strand configurations. We can also make custom harnesses with larger diameter fiber if required.

Our PMMA fiber products are manufactured from Mitsubishi / ESKA raw fiber. We are an offically authorised supplier of Mitsubishi fiber products.

End lit PMMA fiber comes in two configurations - single sheathed or unsheathed strands of 0.25mm, 0.50mm, 0.75mm, 1mm, 1.5mm or 2mm diameter fiber, or as multiple sheathed strands of 0.75mm fiber.

Single strands of fiber give starry points of light and normally require no termination, whilst multi-stranded varieties are normally terminated with a ferrule to allow the attachment of an end fitting.

Larger diameters are available on request with soft silicone at the ends of the tails for use when articulated fittings are used in a tight space for the fiber bend radius.

Fiber Specifications

Core material Polymethyl Methacrylate
Cladding material Fluorinated Polymer
Refractive index 1.49
Numerical aperture 0.5
Refractive index profile Step index
Operation temperature range -55°C to +70°C in low humidity; <60°C at 95% RH (attenuation change is within 10% after 1000 hours except for that due to absorbed water). Please note that fiber can become brittle at lower temperatures.
Sheathing specifications Megolon S540 is a thermoplastic, halogen free cable sheathing compound which exhibits an excellent level of fire retardancy. This product is specifically aimed at designs of cables requiring a good degree of flexibility and the ability to meet the more stringent fire test specifications.
S540 Toxicity Index (DEF STAN 02-713) 0.4
S540 Halogen Acid Gas Evolution (IEC 60754-1) Zero
S540 Flammability Temperature Index (ISO 4589-3) 330°C (626°F)

Fiber Harness Ordering Codes

Code Fiber Size Approx. Active Diameter Approx. Outer Diameter Max No. of Tails Per Illuminator Minimum Bend Radius Termination Types [1]
FSPT-1-25-U CK10 0.25mm (0.01") unsheathed 9150 10mm (0.39") none
FSPT-1-50[2] CK20 0.50mm (0.02") unsheathed/1.09mm (0.04") 2100 10/15mm (0.39"/0.59") none
FSPT-1-75[2] CK30 0.75mm (0.03") unsheathed/2mm (0.08") 1100 10/15mm (0.39"/0.59") -/crimp
FSPT-1-1[2] CK40 1mm (0.04") unsheathed/2.2mm (0.09") 600 15/20mm (0.59"/0.79") crimp/tube
FSPT-1-15[2] CK60 1.5mm (0.06") unsheathed/2.6mm (0.1") 250 25/40mm (0.98"/1.57") crimp/tube
FSPT-1-2[2] CK80 2mm (0.08") unsheathed/3mm (0.12") 150 30/60mm (1.18"/2.36") crimp/tube
FSPT-2 2 1.2mm (0.05") 2.35mm (0.09") 550 15mm (0.6") tube
FSPT-3 3 1.5mm (0.06") 2.7mm (0.11") 366 18mm (0.71") tube
FSPT-4 4 1.8mm (0.07") 3.1mm (0.12") 275 20mm (0.79") tube
FSPT-5 5 2mm (0.08") 3.7mm (0.15") 220 20mm (0.79") 5mm smooth/tube
FSPT-6 6 2.2mm (0.09") 4.1mm (0.16") 183 20mm (0.79") 5mm smooth/tube
FSPT-7 7 2.4mm (0.09") 4.4mm (0.17") 150 25mm (0.98") 5mm smooth/tube
FSPT-8 8 2.5mm (0.1") 4.5mm (0.18") 135 25mm (0.98") 5mm smooth/tube
FSPT-12 12 3.1mm (0.12") 4.85mm (0.19") 83 25mm (0.98") M8/M10/5mm smooth/8mm smooth
FSPT-21 21 4mm (0.16") 6mm (0.24") 52 28mm (1.1") M8/M10/5mm smooth/8mm smooth
FSPT-25 25 4.3mm (0.17") 6.35mm (0.25") 44 30mm (1.2") M8/M10/5mm smooth/8mm smooth
FSPT-33 33 5mm (0.2") 7.4mm (0.29") 33 50mm (1.97") M8/M10/5mm smooth/8mm smooth
FSPT-50 50 6mm (0.24") 8.7mm (0.34") 22 60mm (2.36") M8/M10/5mm smooth/8mm smooth
FSPT-67 67 7mm (0.28") 10.1mm (0.4") 16 80mm (3.15") M10/8mm smooth
FSPT-75 75 7.5mm (0.29") 10.1mm (0.4") 14 90mm (3.54") M10/8mm smooth
FSPT-88 88 8mm (0.31") 10.7mm (0.42") 12 100mm (3.94") M10/8mm smooth

[1] Custom ferrule options are available - please contact us for details.

[2] Codes refer to sheathed product. For unsheathed please suffux code with ‘-U'.