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Fiber Optic Cabinet & Display Lighting

UFO Cabinet Lighting Extrusions

Cabinet mounting extrusions allow the use of conventional recessed downlight type fittings where it is only possible to surface mount.

The extrusion forms a conduit which conceals the fiber tails until they can be exited fom the end. We normally supply the harness pre-fitted to the extrusion or we can supply the extrusion on its own.

There are five different sizes of extrusion available, from the largest, CX1, to the smallest CX5.

All our extrusions have sliding front faces to allow fiber and fittings to be mounted easily.

The small CX5 extrusion is unique in that it does not allow for downlights to be fitted to it. Instead it allows for the mounting of fiber tails which shine out through the small holes in the extrusion's surface.

Standard Lengths

Extrusions come as standard in the maximum lengths below. They can be cut to size required, or joined to make longer lengths.

  • CX1: 6 metres (19.68ft)
  • CX2: 4 metres (13.12ft)
  • CX3: 3 metres (9.84ft)
  • CX4: 3 metres (9.84ft)
  • CX5: 3 metres (9.84ft)
Compatible Downlight Fittings

We offer a range of three different downlight fittings to fit in these extrusions.

The larger extrusions (CX1, CX2 & CX3) can be used with any of these fittings, whilst the smaller extrusion (CX4) is suitable for use with the UFO34DA or UFO34DB fittings

ufo 14db fitting
ufo 14db fitting
ufo 14db fitting
ufo 14db fitting
ufo 14db fitting
ufo 14db fitting