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Fiber Optic Cabinet & Display Lighting

The UFO Flex & Stay System


Brass & Aluminum


Black or Chrome

Mounting method

Mounting foot

Fiber sizes

4.5mm - 7mm diameter

Ordering code

See table below

Product Code Length Flex Diameter Active Diameter Standard Lens
UFS-103 300mm (0.98 ft) 11mm (0.43") 4.5mm (0.18") UFO25D or UFO26D
UFS-110 1000mm (3.28 ft) 11mm (0.43") 4.5mm (0.18") UFO25D or UFO26D
UFS-203 300mm (0.98 ft) 14mm (0.55") 6mm (0.24") UFO25D or UFO26D
UFS-210 1000mm (3.28 ft) 14mm (0.55") 6mm (0.24") UFO25D or UFO26D
UFS-303 300mm (0.98 ft) 15mm (0.59") 7mm (0.28") UFO25D or UFO26D
UFS-310 1000mm (3.28 ft) 15mm (0.59") 7mm (0.28") UFO25D or UFO26D

See diagram, left, for dimension positions.

UFO flex and stay systems are terminations which are integral to the harness which are flexible but stay in position where pointed.

As detailed, 6 standard sizes of system are available, all in a chrome or black finish. We can also manufacture custom sizes to suit your application - please contact us with required dimensions for a quote.

Standard flex and stays are fitted with either the UFO 25D or 26D trumpet and lens, however as shown in the photo above, we can also manufacture custom ends for use in light guide applications.

The flex and stay systems are suitable for indoor use only.

Matching mounting feet are also available and these are supplied pre-mounted onto the harness.