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Glow: Lighting

An exciting and modern range of outdoor decorative fiber optic lighting.

All products in the Glow: range excel in one things - they GLOW! The intense and colourful lighting effects will brighten up any outdoor area, and they can be used to provide both decorative and functional lighting.

So whether you want to create an enchanting field of light, a colour-changing water feature or simply mark a path in a garden, the intense and colourful lighting effects that the Glow: range offers will brighten up any outdoor area.

glow: reeds


Constructed from a 10.5mm diameter UV stable clear acrylic tube into which our smooth solidcore PMMA is inserted.
Our solidcore fiber provides excellent illumination along the entire length of the feature, and multiple Reeds can be grouped together and powered from one illuminator to provide realistic wind movement in gardens, ponds, and any landscape feature.
The Reeds are fitted with ground spikes for installation into softer ground.
Since the Reeds are illuminated by one, or multiple, fiber optic illuminators they can take advantage of all of the color changing and twinkling effects and control options that our illuminator range offers.

Ordering Codes

Product CodeFixture TypeOverall Length of ReedMounting
UFO-GLRE-1000-GSGlow: REED1000mmGround Spike
UFO-GLRE-1500-GSGlow: REED1500mmGround Spike
UFO-GLRE-2000-GSGlow: REED2000mmGround Spike

Note that this product requires illuination by a fiber optic illuminator which must be purchased separately

Product Datasheet
glow: reeds