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Fiber Optic Cabinet & Display Lighting

UFO mirror fittings are designed to deliver light at 90° to the run of the fiber tail.

This allows the fiber optics to be used where there is limited space for the fitting and where it would be impractical to accommodate the bend of the fiber and the fitting depth conventionally.

UFO 19M Mirror Fitting

The UFO 19M is a round mirror fitting with a glazed front for use where an overall depth of 27mm (1.06") can be accomodated.

Use the UFO 19M where there is more room and where a glazed front is needed for aesthetic purposes and to prevent dust ingress.

UFO 26M Mirror Fitting

The UFO 26M is a rectangular mirror fitting with an open front. For use where an overall depth of 20mm can be accomodated.

The UFO 26M is useful where there is a very limited depth to mount the fitting and gives a slightly rectangular light pattern at close range.