Common Ends for Fiber Optic Harnesses

UFO fiber optic harnesses are terminated in our factory by skilled operators with many years experience to ensure the optimum light transmission is achived.

Harnesses can be terminated at both ends, with a common end at one end - which is what plugs into a illuminator, and ferrules at the other end which allow the connection of end fittings.

ferrules for end termination of fiber optics
common ends for fiber harnesses


Ferrules provide a sealed end termination to a fiber tail. They also allow for end fittings and lenses to be connected. Larger ferrules are threaded or push-fit onto the end fittings, whilst smaller ones are push-fit only.

M10, M8 and 8mm smooth ferrules are available in natural brass for indoor use, or for outdoor use in stainless steel.
Smaller sizes are generally only used indoors and are normally manufactured in natural brass only.
As well as our standard ferrules, we are able to manufacture custom ferrules to suit your application - contact us for more details.
We also offer our unique Ezefix range of ferrules which allow for end user termination of fiber optics. See the tab below for more information on these.

Standard Factory Terminated Ferrules

Our standard ferrule types are shown below. Ferrules shown are the largest sizes of a particular type - ferrules to take smaller fiber sizes will vary in proportion. Note that dimensions for ferrules are specified in mm.
m10 ferrule
M10 Ferrule
m10 ferrule
M8 Ferrule
m10 ferrule
8mm Smooth Ferrule
m10 ferrule
Tube Ferrule
m10 ferrule
Glass Crimp Ferrule
m10 ferrule
PMMA Crimp Ferrule
m10 ferrule
2mm Glass Ferrule