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Fiber Optic Chandelier Lighting Projects

Inflite Jet Centre Chandeliers

London Stansted airport is one of Britain''s busiest airports, and a major base for short-haul European flights. The Inflite Jet Centre is a major fixed-based operator (FBO) offering exceptional services to passengers, enabling them to travel in luxury with a smooth transit from arrival to aircraft.

Private air travelers travelling with Inflite enjoy every conceivable practical convenience, including exclusive lounges and outstanding cuisine.

When Inflite's terminal base was refurbished in 2013, UFO were commissioned to manufacture and install a range of stylish custom fiber optic chandeliers to add elegance to the new-look lounge area, and highlight the company's ethos of outstanding quality and excellence.

We worked in partnership with our sister company, Unlimited Light, to create three color-changing crystal sphere chandeliers for installation in the ceiling area above the main reception desk. These were synchronized to allow different color effects. Two further crystal chandeliers were created for the ceiling area in front of the large glass façade in the lounge.

These glittering ball-shaped chandeliers are around 10 and 20 inches in diameter, and made of beautiful Bohemian cut crystal. Overhead illumination means they create magical patterns and reflections on the walls and surfaces round about.

The final touch for this major refurbishment was a custom fiber optic spiral chandelier for the main lounge. This was over 3 m in length, and made from UFO's special cracked sideglow fiber, providing a soothing and uplifting focal point for travelers waiting for their flights.


Stanstead Airport, London, England


Fiber Optic Chandeliers


Unlimited Light

 Products used

Illuminators: 3 x 150W metal halide with color wheels
Chandeliers: 1 x 700mm diameter cracked glass fiber chandelier with 3.35m drop brushed stainless steel base
2 x 500mm diameter crystal sphere chandeliers with 5 fiber optic light points mounted in the base
3 x 250mm diameter crystal sphere chandeliers with 5 fiber optic light points mounted in the base

 Date completed