LED Downlight Fittings

Our range of LED downlight fittings is available in a range of styles, and we have both articulated and fixed models.

Suitable for use in a variety of applications, this range is manufactured from aluminum all products are available in variety of finishes is also available as standard, both anodised or we can powder coat in any custom RAL color required.

With their low power consumption and minimal maintenance requirements, our energy efficient LED lights provide the ideal solution for decorative illumination in new installations, or when replacing energy hungry traditional lamps.

Additionally, as our fittings conform to the one step binning process, you can be sure of color consistency throughout the complete range.

ufo mbl1 led downlight fitting

UFO MBL1 Magnetic, Articulated LED Fitting

ufo mbl2 led downlight fitting

UFO MBL2 Magnetic, Articulated LED Fitting

ufo ld1 led downlight fitting

UFO LD1 Fixed LED Fitting

ufo ld2 led downlight fitting

UFO LD2 Fixed LED Fitting

ufo ld3 led downlight fitting

UFO LD3 Articulated LED Fitting

ufo ld5 led downlight fitting

UFO LD5 Articulated LED Fitting

ufo ld8 led downlight fitting

UFO LD8 Fixed Cube LED Fitting

ufo le1 led spotlight fitting

UFO LE1 Articulated LED Fitting

ufo le2 led spotlight fitting

UFO LE2 Articulated LED Fitting

ufo lpv1 led spotlight fitting

UFO LPV1 Articulated LED Fitting