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Museum & Gallery Display Lighting Projects

Museum of Liverpool

The award-winning Museum of Liverpool tells the story of this vibrant UK port city, and is the first national museum in the world devoted to a regional city. It showcases over 6,000 artifacts bringing Liverpool's history to life, with highlights including Beatles memorabilia, Olympic champion cyclist Chris Boardman's yellow jersey from the Tour de France, and The Football Show, dramatizing the unique rivalry between Everton and Liverpool.

The specialist museum display case manufacturers, Click Netherfield, specified UFO's products to illuminate the broad range of items on display in the museum. The ceiling of each display case is fitted with adjustable downlights that can easily be tilted and rotated to highlight specific details.

The illuminator is hidden in the floor of each cabinet, and connected to the downlights by strands of UFO end-lit glass fiber, concealed in aluminum tubes running vertically from top to floor of the display units. This ensures that visitors' eyes are drawn to the exhibits, and not to the lighting system if.

The fiber optics are powered by a UFO Aurora tungsten halogen illuminator, installed in the base of each cabinet for easy access. The Aurora was chosen in preference to metal halide models because of its heat and noise-free properties. It also achieves full light output quicker than metal halide illuminators, which take some time to heat up.

Images courtesy of Click Netherfield Ltd


Liverpool, England


Public Realm, Display Lighting


Click Netherfield

 Products used

Illuminators: 4 x Aurora 100W tungsten halogen
Harnesses: 2 x 10 tail and 2 x 12 tails glass fiber harnesses with a 4mm active diameter
End Fittings: Supplied by client

 Date completed