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Museum of Somerset

Taunton, UK

Based in Taunton Castle in the heart of Somerset's county town, the museum recounts the Taunton story from prehistoric times to the present day using real objects, evocative films, sounds and images, along with the voices and words of Somerset people past and present.
Since securing funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Somerset County Council amongst others, the museum has undergone a multi-million pound redevelopment which saw it re-open its doors in 2011 and become Trip Advisor's number one attraction in the local area.
At the time of the museum's redevelopment, UFO was selected to supply and install lighting throughout. Our fiber optic illuminators, glass fiber and downlight fittings were chosen due to the fact that they provide safe, ultraviolet free lighting which won't damage the exhibits in anyway.
Our stainless steel recessed downlights were installed in the ceiling panels of the display cases using secure spring mounting clips. Once secured the focusable downlights could then be rotated and tilted to point at any objects requiring illumination. In several of the display cases the downlights were also mounted in the base of the units and used to project the light upwards.
Connected to each downlight is a strand of our end lit glass fiber, which runs vertically to the base of the cabinet where it is powered by one of our tungsten halogen illuminators. One illuminator is located in the base of each cabinet to allow museum staff to easily access the units as and when maintenance is required.
The overall effect created by the fiber optics and downlights is one of accuracy and precision, with the smallest of details being discreetly highlighted by the downlights.
Images courtesy of Somerset Heritage Service SSC


Public Realm, Display Lighting


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 Products used

Illuminators: 100W Aurora & 75W Slimline tungsten halogen
Harnesses: 45 x end lit glass fiber harnesses with active diameters of 4mm & 4.5mm
End Fittings: 506 x UFO 11D adjustable downlights

 Date completed

January 2010

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