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Pool & Wet Area Lighting Projects

Private Pool 3

The historic town of Newark in southern England is known as the birthplace of thoroughbred horse racing, the 'sport of kings'. Newark is home to more horses, trainers, stables and racing bodies than anywhere else in the world!

This splendid private property in the British horse-racing capital showcases how lighting designers can make a superb creative impact by using UFO fiber optic lighting products on a grand scale.

The indoor pool has large UFO submersible eyeball fittings as markers on the steps leading into the water and on the pool walls. Smaller submersible eyeball fittings are used around the basin walls of the Jacuzzi. These fittings are sealed for maximum protection against water, making them ideal for pools and other wet and humid areas.

Meanwhile, the imposing fountain in the property grounds are lit with our trumpet-style fittings. These are small and surface-mountable, allowing them to be rotated and tilted to focus the light with precision, and highlight architectural features.

Our UFO pool and wet area light fittings are manufactured in house from stainless steel to prevent corrosion. They're completely safe for underwater use, as the delivery points have no heat or electricity. The electricity is provided by metal halide illuminators, which are stored well away from the wet areas.

This also means the Jacuzzi and fountain don't need to be drained to change the lamp, which saves time and cuts maintenance costs.


Newark, England


Decorative, Wet Area Lighting


Private Client

 Products used

Illuminators: 150W Compact metal halide with color wheel
Harnesses: Glass fiber harnesses used throughout
End Fittings: Pool - UFO E1 submersible fittings. Jacuzzi - UFO E2 submersible fittings. Fountain - UFO 4D bracket mounted downlights

 Date completed