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Pool & Wet Area Lighting Projects

Private Pool 4

This artistic family in west London were developing an extension for their historic townhouse, and need to make the very best of their available space. Their unusual vision was for a beautiful pool that would double up as an entertainment area for games, parties and screenings - ideally at the touch of a few buttons!

The clients and designers were inspired by the work of US artist James Turrell, and the resulting project is an uplifting, sophisticated design making elegant use of light, space and color in the middle of the city.

This was dream project for London lighting designers Light IQ, who specified UFO fiber optic products for the pool area and on the feature wall behind the pool. The wall light feature was inspired by the family motto, 'All these things that we have done', which has been translated into Braille and realized with our end-lit fiber, manufactured by us in-house. The fibers were fed through the mosaic tiles, creating a beautiful effect which is reflected in the water below, and providing an inspiring talking point for visitors!

Meanwhile, the walls of the swimming pool have been fitted with more than 70 ft. (22 m) of our side-emitting fiber, to create an exuberant, light-line effect in this large space. To power the fiber, we used a UFO UFX metal halide illuminator, with DMX capabilities that cycle through 9 different color options.

The resulting space has been a finalist in many international lighting awards, in recognition of its cutting-edge lighting design.


London, England


Decorative, Wet Area Lighting


Light IQ

 Products used

Illuminators: 3 x UFX DMX 150W metal halide light
Harnesses: 3 x harnesses of 14.3mm stranded sideglow, mounted in 18m of clear channel. 1 x 12 tail glass fiber harness with 6mm active diameter

 Date completed