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SAASCC Cultural innovations Centre

Kuwait City, Kuwait

The SAASCC Blood Cell Ribbon exhibit is a pre-programmed standalone LED display system consisting of 2,269 RGB LEDs across 29 separate DMX universes, each contained within a 50mm globe that has a consistent light output when viewed at any point due to it’s 360 degree nature. A total number of 9,076 channels of DMX were configured to ensure maximum flexibility over control of the system.
The LED globes represent blood cells and are arranged in 5 x spirals with each spiral circling a model of a lymph node, a fungus, a Protozoa organism, bacteria, and viral organism. Each spiral is made up of 5 rows of LED globes. Linking each of the spirals is a straight array of LED globes also with 5 rows of LEDs. The straights and spirals are enclosed in a ‘sock’ of black mesh material perfectly formed to improve contrast ratio.
The full project was controlled and powered with a combination Pharos LPC30 pixel distribution equipment and Enttec storm DMX convertors to give ultimate flexibility over control. The system power distribution was taken care of my custom assemblies designed and commissioned in house by Universal fiber optics.
The hardware and software elements inclusive of the LED globes of this system are designed and built to be self-sufficient and will run the pre-programmed LED display system independent of preventative maintenance or operator interaction.
Videos courtesy of Sutton Vane Associates


Decorative Lighting


SI Electrical
Lighting Design by Sutton Vane Associates

 Products used

Pharos LPC30 pixel distributor
Enttec storm DMX convertors
Ethernet switches
Custom power distribution boxes
Ledman addressable LED arrays and 360 degree acrylic globes.

 Date completed


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