Sauna & Spa Lighting

Sauna Star Lighting Kit

Kit Overview

Give saunas, steam rooms and swimming pool ceilings the real wow factor with a star lighting kit from UFO.
The kits are easy to install and come complete with all the components you need to turn your ceiling space into a mesmerizing field of light.
Once installed you can sit back and relax under the twinkling white or colour-changing therapeutic lights.

UFO Sauna Star Fittings

Kits are supplied with 100, 150 or 200 white polycarbonate fittings. Number supplied depends on the kit ordered.
The fitting diameter is 10mm (0.39") and they require a 6mm (0.24") cut out for installation.
sauna star fitting

Note that dimensions are shown in mm

Fiber Optic Harness

The harness is manufactured from 1mm diameter glass fiber to provide a safe and extra bright lighting effect.
fiber optic harness

Illuminator Options

Ordering Codes

Fiber Tail Lengths & Sizes End Fittings Order Code (with MicroLED 100PT) Order Code (with MicroLED 100PC)
100 x 3 meter (9.84ft) length - 1mm glass fiber 100 x white bezel fittings SST-100-B SSC-100-B
150 x 4 meter (13.12ft) length - 1mm glass fiber 150 x white bezel fittings SST-150-B SSC-150-B
200 x 4 meter (13.12ft) length - 1mm glass fiber 200 x white bezel fittings SST-200-B SSC-200-B