PMMA Fiber Optic Harnesses

UFO manufacture a range of side emitting PMMA fiber harnesses, which are generally used for either sensory or decorative purposes.

Our Side Sparkle, Stariflex and Opulence harnesses are widely used in the sensory market and carry EN71 and CPSIA certifications. They are also certified as phthalate free, so are the safest fiber harnesses you can purchase for use in sensory applications.

Stranded side glow and smooth Solidcore fibers are both suitable for installation indoors or out. They are most often used to provide light lines in paving or stair fronts or for illuminating around the perimeter of swimming pools.

PMMA Stranded Side Glow


UFO stranded sideglow fiber can be used to highlight the perimeter of pools, decks and walkways. It is also often used for illuminating the edges of steps.
Suitable for interior or exterior applications, the fiber is UV protected and has an algaecide and fungicide treated exterior jacket for maximum durability against the elements.
Our Stranded Side Glow fiber is strong enough for use in pools or extremely cold environments and with no heat or electricity running through the cable typical lighting design restrictions are eliminated allowing for an almost unlimited range of design possibilities.
All harnesses are fitted with a standard 30mm common end for connection to a fiber optic illuminator.
Note that stranded side glow fibre can appear slightly speckly - this enhances the light output.

Ordering Codes

Code No. of Strands Outer Diameter Minimum Bend Radius Max. Tails per Harness
NSG-145 126 14.5mm (0.57") 64mm (2.52") 7
NSG-127 84 12.7mm (0.5") 52mm (2.05") 11
NSG-095 42 8mm (0.31") 40mm (1.57") 22
Product Datasheet

Fiber Construction

stranded side glow fiber cad

Note that dimensions are shown in mm

Constructed from 0.75mm diameter PMMA acrylic optical fibers of twisted sub-bundles within a flexible clear jacket.

The fibers are twisted around a highly reflective PVC internal core that offers flexible stability combined with maximum light output.

ItemStranded Side Glow
Outer diameter 8mm (0.31") /12.7mm (0.5") / 14.5mm (0.47")
Core Stranded fiber
Outer sheathing Clear PVC

Mounting Track

Three sizes of mounting track are available. All are manufactured from clear acrylic.

SGMT-145 - suitable for use with NSG145
SGMT-127 - suitable for use with NSG127
SGMT-095 - suitable for use with NSG095

stranded side glow fiber cad

Note that dimensions are shown in mm