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Sirius LED Illuminator

Fiberstars EFO Harness Adaptor

Fiberstars compatibility with UFO quality!

If you are one of the many people who have, in the past, purchased a fiber optic harness for use with a Fiberstars EFO-1+1 or EFO-AG illuminator, you may know that it is now virtually impossible to purchase a compatible, replacement illuminator.

With the EFO adaptor from UFO, your search is at an end!

Simply fit our adaptor collar over the fiber port, and insert the light amplifier into the port. Secure with the supplied screw and then attach your Fiberstars harness as normal.

You can now benefit from the great light output and features of a UFO illuminator without having the cost of replacing your fiber harness.

The adaptor can be supplied pre-attached to new illuminators or as a retro-fit kit for existing ones. Please get in touch to find out more.

fiberstars efo illuminator adaptor
fiberstars efo illuminator adaptor

The EFO Adaptor is designed to take a standard Fiberstars harness which has a 1” 7/8 ACME 10 TRAPEZOIDAL thread, and features an internal acrylic light amplifier which carries the light directly to the fiber ends.

EFO Large Core Fiber / Pre Assembled Harnesses

Fiberstars Part No. Description Each Fiber OD Each Fiber ID
EFO-HF5-9/8-10 or XX 5 way 9mm (0.354") 8mm (0.266")
EFO-HF4-12/10-10 or XX 4 way 12mm (0.472") 10mm (0.394")
EFO-HF3-14/12-10 or XX 3 way 14mm (0.551") 12mm (0.472")
EFO-HF1-22/19-10 or XX 1 way 22mm (0.866") 19mm (0.748")

EFO Large Core Fiber / with compatible common end

Fiberstars Part No. Description Each Fiber OD Each Fiber ID
EFO-9/8mm 1 way 9mm (0.354") 8mm (0.266")
EFO-12/10mm 1 way 12mm (0.472") 10mm (0.394")
EFO-14/12mm 1 way 14mm (0.551") 12mm (0.472")
EFO-17/15mm 1 way 22mm (0.866") 19mm (0.748")
EFO-22/19mm 1 way 22mm (0.866") 19mm (0.748")

EFO Side Emitting Fiber / with compatible common end

Fiberstars Part No. Description Each Fiber OD Each Fiber ID
EFO-BC1300 1 way 13mm (0.508") 12mm (0.472")
EFO-BC1400-E 1 way 14mm (0.551") 12mm (0.472")
EFO-TT1300 1 way 13mm (0.508") 12mm (0.472")
EFO-TT1400-E 1 way 14mm (0.551") 12mm (0.472")

In addition to the items listed above, the adaptor is compatible with any Fiberstars harness fitted with a common end which has a 1” 7/8 ACME 10 TRAPEZOIDAL thread.

The Sirius LED Illuminator

Port connector

30mm (1.2") diameter

Fiber type

Glass / PMMA

Supply voltage

110-240 VAC, 47-63Hz

Power supply

External 24V DC 3.5A

LED power

up to 90W

LED type

White light

Color temperature / Typical CRI / Typical lumen output

5500K - 75CRI - 5700lm
5300K - 88CRI - 4650lm
4000K - 82CRI - 5300lm
3000K - 83CRI - 4650lm
3000K - 98CRI - 3450lm (This configuration is special order only)
2700K - 98CRI - 3450lm (This configuration is special order only)

LED lifespan

50,000 hours in ambient 25°C

Control / Effects

Dimming with DMX, 0-10V and manual control

Enclosure material / Color

Aluminum, powdercoated dark grey


(L)278mm (10.95") x (W)155mm (6.1") x (H)94mm (3.7")


2.22kg (4.89lb)

A very powerful yet efficient fiber optic illuminator, powered by LED technology, which outputs white light only.

Extremely high power output makes this illuminator suitable for multiple lighting tasks where traditionally metal halide units have been employed. Almost silent in operation, the Sirius outputs light which is similar to that of a 150W metal halide lamp.

The Sirius has an inbuilt manual dimmer and dimming is also controllable via either DMX or 0-10V.

With a standard 30mm (1.2") fiber port connector, this illuminator is equally suited to new projects or for retro-fitting to existing fiber optic installations.

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