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Museum & Gallery Display Lighting Projects

The Harley-Davidson Museum

The Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee brings history roaring to life!

This landmark facility is a top tourist destination, with its winning combination of American design and culture, fun and freedom. For Harley fans and casual visitors alike, it's a chance to unleash their inner rebel, and find out more about the history and engineering behind the cool biker brand.

The museum team needed a display lighting system to illuminate various motorcycle exhibits throughout the building, and called on UFO in Sarasota. They specified low-noise lighting that gave off no heat or ultraviolet which might damage the artifacts. UFO advised fiber optics as the perfect solution.

To illuminate the displays, we customized eight UFO CX4 gantries with our mini downlight fittings. These directional downlights can also be precisely focused, allowing the display installers to tilt and point the light where it was needed most.

Each gantry was powered with a UFO Ixion 100 Watt halogen illuminator. The small dimensions of this unit meant it could be discreetly concealed within the base of the display cabinets.


Milwaukee, USA


Museum, Display Lighting


Milwaukee Public Museum

 Products used

Illuminators: 8 x Ixion 100W tungsten halogen
End Fittings: Custom CX4 gantry systems fitted with UFO 34DB fittings

 Date completed