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Outdoor Fiber Optic Lighting Projects

The Hilton, Park Lane

The iconic Hilton Park Lane Hotel is one of London's most prestigious hotels, with its five-star luxury service and panoramic views of Hyde Park and Mayfair, as well as handy location for London's West End theatre land. Offering Michelin-starred restaurants, trendy nightclubs, a state-of-the-art gym and blissful spa, the hotel has every possible facility to delight discerning guests and travelers.

The Hilton Hotel chain decided to brighten up their front of house, to present a more welcoming, exciting face to approaching guests. Award-winning architects The Manser Practice were commissioned to develop the new design, and specified a polished stainless steel canopy incorporating a fiber optic star ceiling. Their vision was for the star points to become larger and less densely distributed, closer to the building's entrance.

UFO were commissioned to realize the star ceiling, and we chose 3 different kinds of UFO end fittings, and different sizes of polymer fiber. The smallest stars furthest away from the hotel entrance were made from 1.5 mm (0.06") polymer fiber fitted with our mushroom lenses. The mid-sized stars used 2mm (0.08") fiber fitted with our P4G paver fittings, and the largest star points close to the hotel entrance used 4.3 (0.17") mm fiber, combined with our P17T paver fittings. The team also fitted frosted glass to the outside of the medium and large stars, creating a larger light point, and boosting the viewing angle.

The 3-D effect created by the near and far star points creates a stylish, inviting ambience for approaching guests, and passing drivers on Park Lane can see our starry highlights 24 hours a day.


London, UK


Entrance Illumination


The Manser Practice

 Products used

Illuminators: 3 x 150W metal halide illuminators fitted with twinkle wheels
Harnesses: 3 x PMMA fiber harnesses with an active diameter of 1.5mm, 2mm and 4.3mm
End Fittings: 602 x UFO Mushroom Lenses, 75 x UFO P4G Pavers and 18 x UFO P17T pavers with frosted glass fronts

 Date completed