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Museum & Gallery Display Lighting Projects

The National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland is one of the top 20 most visited museums in the world, and a must-see if you're exploring the historic cobbled streets of Edinburgh. After a multi-million pound makeover lasting over three years, it now attracts millions of visitors a year to see much-loved exhibits from the worlds of science, art and nature.

The dramatic objects on display are testament to the global impact of Scottish inventors, explorers and entrepreneurs. However, in the museum context, the most dramatic objects often require the least dramatic lighting! Sensitive artifacts can be damaged by strong lighting, and complete control and lighting expertise are vital.

When the leading display case manufacturers, Click Netherfield, were ask to install a new showcase at the museum in 2011, they needed a safe lighting solution for an area lacking natural light. To prevent damage to the artifacts, they turned to UFO to provide a highly controllable illuminator to install in the display case.

We provided Click Netherfield with an Aurora illuminator with an integral manual dimmer, which allowed the museum staff to adjust the level of light in the display case manually, to enhance the items displayed in the dark environment.

The ceiling of the display case was fitted with a number of directional downlights. These can easily be angled and moved to highlight the artifacts below. We provided a single illuminator in the bottom of the showcase, connected to a UFO harness containing tails of glass fiber linking to each downlight.

Images courtesy of Click Netherfield Ltd


Edinburgh, Scotland


Public Realm, Display Lighting


Click Netherfield

 Products used

Illuminators: 1 x Aurora 100W tungsten halogen, white light with manual dimming control
Harnesses: 1 x 12 tail glass fiber harness with 4mm active diameter and various tail lengths
End Fittings: Clients own end fittings

 Date completed

July 2011