Sauna & Spa Lighting

Sauna Crystal Kit

Kit Overview

Create bright sparkling points of light in saunas, steam rooms, swimming pool ceilings and spas with a crystal kit from UFO.
The combination of two different crystal sizes within each kit allows for captivating patterns and spreads of light to be created across your ceiling space.
Whether you opt for a Vega Slimline illuminator that emits static white light or a Cube with its colour-changing capabilities, the end result will be mood enhancing luxury.

2 Sizes of Crystal Fitting

Kits are supplied with a total of 20, 30 or 70 crystal fittings. Total supplied depends on the kit ordered - see table below for number of each size supplied.
The crystal fittings are made from the finest cut crystal parts. There are two sizes to give variation to the sparkle effect and flanges are available in silver, brass or white.
fitting image

Note that dimensions are shown in mm

Ceiling Mounting Tubes

These tubes ease installation of the crystal fittings in an insulated sauna ceiling. They are 80mm long and require a 12mm cutout.
mounting tubes

Fiber Optic Harness

The harness is manufactured from 1.5mm diameter PMMA fiber fitted with end ferrules which plug into the back of the crystals. Note that PMMA fiber must be protected from heat.
fiber optic harness

Illuminator Options

Ordering Codes

Fiber Tail Lengths & Sizes End Fittings / Mounting Tubes Order Code (with Vega Illuminator) Order Code (with Nova Mini Illuminator)
20 x 4 meter (13.12ft) length - 1.5mm PMMA fiber 6 x CR1 & 14 x CR2 crystals + 20 mounting tubes SCC-20-VS-[+color]* SCC-20-NM-[+color]*
30 x 4 meter (13.12ft) length - 1.5mm PMMA fiber 9 x CR1 & 21 x CR2 crystals + 30 mounting tubes SCC-30-VS-[+color]* SCC-30-NM-[+color]*
70 x 4 meter (13.12ft) length - 1.5mm PMMA fiber 21 x CR1 & 49 x CR2 crystals + 70 mounting tubes SCC-70-VS-[+color]* SCC-70-NM-[+color]*
*Add fitting color to end of code (BR - Brass / WH - White / SV - Silver) e.g. SCC-20-VS-BR