Sauna & Spa Lighting

Spa & Bath Kit

Kit Overview

Colours are known to improve the way we feel mentally and physically so why not give your Jacuzzi, swimming pool or bath the ultimate makeover.
With one of our spa and bath lighting kits you can relax in a sea of calming violet, stress busting blue or mentally stimulating orange lit water.
As there is no heat or electricity present in the paver fittings they are completely safe to touch, sit and walk on whilst you relax, the fact that they are manufactured from stainless steel also means that they will last a lifetime in their aquatic surroundings.

UFO Uplight Fittings

Kits are supplied with 6 or 10 stainless steel paver fittings. Number supplied depends on the kit ordered.
The fitting diameter is 21mm (0.83") and they require a 16mm (0.63") cut out for installation.
The fittings are threaded for easy installation and are supplied with back nuts.
fitting image

Note that dimensions are shown in mm

Fiber Optic Harness

The harness is manufactured from 4mm diameter PMMA fiber for a bright, crisp lighting effect. Note: PMMA fiber must be protected in a hot environment.
fiber optic harness

Illuminator Options

Ordering Codes

Fiber Tail Lengths & Sizes End Fittings Order Code (with Vega Illuminator) Order Code (with Nova Mini Illuminator)
6 x 4 meter (13.12ft) length - 4mm PMMA fiber 6 x stainless steel fittings SPA-6-VS SPA-6-NM
10 x 4 meter (13.12ft) length - 4mm PMMA fiber 10 x stainless steel fittings SPA-10-VS SPA-10-NM