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Sensory Lighting Systems

Colorful wall-mounted waterfall with glowing ultraviolet for sensory play environments

This wall mounted ultraviolet waterfall gives off a brilliant glow under UV light. Even in normal daylight white light conditions, the colors glow far more strongly than in similar products.

Our UFO UV waterfall is made of strips of stretch PVC, giving it tactile as well as visual sensory qualities.

Our design also includes a unique cantilever mounting bracket which allows the waterfall to be secured and positioned much more flexibly. It's easy to install on walls or over doors, and swung out, ready to use. No other system is this flexible!

The PVC used in this product is certified phthalate free.

  • Choice - A choice of tube lengths to suit your room space
  • Function - Unique cantilever bracket for the ultimate in flexibility
  • Quality - Fully tested before dispatch

Note that this product needs to be used in conjunction with UV lighting (not supplied) for its full effect to be seen.

Product Datasheet

Product Details & Ordering Codes

Ordering code No. of PVC strips Tube length PVC strip lengths
UVW10 30 - each at approx. 20mm (0.79")wide 1 metre (3.28') 2 metres (6.56')
UVW12 37 - each at approx. 20mm (0.79") wide 1.2 metres (3.93') 2 metres (6.56')